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Jewish Cultural Heritage
For a couple of centuries, Jewry had been a characteristic and internal part of the Kraichgau. A number of towns of this region was accommodating Jewish communities of different sizes. Remainders of the formerly booming Jewish cultural heritage can still be found to date at many places of the Kraichgau. We will keep on presenting examples of this rich cultural heritage here from time to time.
An excellent comprehensive overview in this context is offered by the thematic map titled "Jüdisches Leben im Kraichgau" ("Jewish life in the Kraichgau", arte factum editors / ISBN 978-3-938560-08-2; ISSN 1863-0413) which comes with a comprehensive accompanying brochure - in German and English language. This map came into being within the framework of a remarkable cooperation of university and school. For two years, students of the College of Jewish Studies in Heidelberg and pupils of the Waibstadt Junior High School , the Adolf Schmitthenner Grammar School in Neckarbischofsheim, the Wilhelmi Grammar School in Sinsheim and the Hartmanni Grammar School in Eppingen cooperated in a highly constructive manner to prepare this totally new contribution to the history of the Jews in the Kraichgau.
The Jewish cemetery in Waibstadt, located in the Mühlbergwald, counts among the most remarkable cultural monuments of the Kraichgau. This is the second largest Jewish cemetery in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The 2,556 preserved tombstones are spread over an area of 2.33 hectares. The first funeral took place between 1648 and 1690. The funeral place was in use until 1940.
more ... Neidenstein once accommodated one of the largest and most magnificent synagogues in the Land of Baden. It was built in 1831 and for more than 100 years in use as a house of worship. In the "Night of Broken Glass" its interior was destroyed, whereas the building's structure as such was hardly damaged at all. A local farmer acquired the building in 1939, dismantled its front part and then used it as a barn. The building, which is of cultural-historical importance and still shows traces of its former use as a synagogue, is still in private ownership today and exposed to increasing decay. more ...
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