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The mausoleum which is directly bordering to the Jewish cemetery in the Mühlbergwald in Waibstadt counts among them the most important cultural monuments in the Kraichgau. Jewish merchant Hermann Weil stemming from Steinsfurt had the costly edifice built in the years from 1925 to 1927 to become the last resting place for his own urn and that of his wife. In the "Night of Broken Glass" (Reichspogromnacht), the building was desecrated, and the urns were stolen. After the war the building decayed more and more until in 1981 to 1983 the first comprehensive renovation work was carried out by the city of Waibstadt. Meanwhile, considerable damage has occurred again, so that in 2009 action for the preservation of this unique building was initiated. The mausoleum of Hermann Weil is located in the direct vicinity of the Jewish cemetery in Waibstadt. The parents and other relatives of the builder are buried there. Since he wished to be buried close to them, he decided to have the mausoleum built directly next to the cemetery. The solemn inauguration took place in 1927 - four weeks before Hermann Weil passed away.
more ... Since the last comprehensive rehabilitation of the mausoleum carried out between 1981 to 1983, the condition of the building has again decayed considerably. In particular humidity penetrating from above seriously damaged the masonry. Water, frost and the shoots of plants have caused considerable shifting and lowering of the brickwork. Likewise, the interior of the dome structure shows serious damage. mehr ... The first purposeful steps towards the preservation of the mausoleum were taken late in 2008. Specific action was initiated in 2009. In the meantime, the "Verein Jüdisches Kulturerbe im Kraichgau e.V." (Jewish Cultural Heritage in Kraichgau, Incorporated Society) had been founded, the prime targets of which include the preservation of the mausoleum. Financial issues have meanwhile been widely solved, so that the rehabilitation work will foreseeably begin in spring of 2010. mehr ...
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