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The "Verein Jüdisches Kulturerbe im Kraichgau e.V." (Jewish Cultural Heritage in the Kraichgau, Incorporated Society) was founded on 8 June 2009. The run-up story to this foundation spanned an entire decade. In 1999, a project titled "Jewry in the Kraichgau" was brought into being at the Waibstadt Junior High School. Within this project, committed pupils and teachers were, and still are, pursuing the objective of exploring and documenting the Jewish history of the Kraichgau. This work has meanwhile acquired a high degree of recognition and was awarded several prizes.
Since the first moment of its existence, the "Jewry in the Kraichgau" project group has also been advocating the preservation of the mausoleum in Waibstadt. Owing to the progressing decay of the building and the acute need for action involved, the project group became the initiator for the foundation of the "Jüdisches Kulturerbe im Kraichgau e.V." Society. In view of the preservation of the mausoleum - and of other Jewish cultural possessions of the region - this meant the creation of both a wider basis and an adequate platform.
The objective of the "Verein Jüdisches Kulturerbe im Kraichgau e.V." becomes very clear if one reads 2(1) of its Statutes:
"The purpose of the Society consists in the preservation of Jewish cultural possessions in Waibstadt and its surroundings, especially the preservation of the mausoleum built by Dr. Hermann Weil in Waibstadt. This includes the exploration and documentation of the history of Jewish families in the Kraichgau, especially that of the Weil family. Apart from that, the tasks of the Society shall also include the support of the scholar education, youth and project work in the area of Jewish culture and history in the Kraichgau, for instance in the form of public-relations work, leisure time activities, workshops and the promotion of educational tourism."
The entire Statutes are available as a Download.
The foundation meeting made it clear that the newly founded society would attach great importance to the active co-operation of juveniles and promote their responsible way of acting. 12 out of the 28 foundation members were pupils. Two juveniles were elected voting members to the Board.
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